Attachment Styles

Before we dive into the types of attachment styles, it’s important to know what attachment is. At is basis it’s an emotional bond with another person. Taken from Psychology Today, attachment is the emotional bond between infant and caregiver and it is the means by which an infant gets their primary needs met. Attachment theoryContinue reading “Attachment Styles”

Setting Expectations

One of the biggest issues I come across as a clinician involves communication between adults and children. This often comes up because caregivers have expectations of their children, but they aren’t always expressed until the last minute. Meanwhile, children and teenagers develop their own expectations for a certain situation or reaction. When they come together,Continue reading “Setting Expectations”

Separation Anxiety

Anxiety manifests in a multitude of ways depending on the unique experiences of an individual. We can expect for younger children (typically under 4) to feel nervous or more scared facing new experiences without their caretakers beside them. But, children with an insecure attachment often have more difficulty with their confidence in experiencing new situations.Continue reading “Separation Anxiety”

Back to School Anxiety – How to Cope for Parents

Just as kids have their typical anxious worries, so do parents. If your child is going to school for the first time you wonder if they’ll be okay without you. Will the teacher be kind or strict? Will your child make friends? Will they be scared?  And once they go to school, you’ll engage inContinue reading “Back to School Anxiety – How to Cope for Parents”

Back to School Stress – COVID Edition

Typical beginning of school year stressors are common. Kids start to worry about non life threatening ideas such as, will I be wearing the same clothes as everyone else, who will be in my class, and what kind of work will I get this year.  Many if not most children feel this way at theContinue reading “Back to School Stress – COVID Edition”

Simple Breathing Exercise

Breathing is natural, right- Something that your body does automatically without you evenhaving to think about? Sometimes our own breath can work against us. When you’re feeling anxious or stressed, you tend to take quicker, shallower breaths that comemore from your chest. This can create a physical response within your body- including dizziness,increased muscle tension,Continue reading “Simple Breathing Exercise”

Coping Skills – What are they and why do we need them?

Welcome to the first installment of a series of posts that will be focused on coping skills. In thisfirst post, I’d like to focus on two things- what exactly are coping skills and why do we needthem? Oftentimes, when we experience any sort of change in life it can lead to experiencingpsychological stress. Psychological stressContinue reading “Coping Skills – What are they and why do we need them?”