Mental Health in Kids and Families

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Mental Health and Families

Family systems, traditions, ideals, and values all contribute to the development of a person’s mental health. Therefore, it’s not just a child’s problem, or a parent’s problem, but it is a collective issue. My hope is that these posts will help you identify what you can do to help a family member in the most effective way, by knowing the signs of distress in your child, teenager, or spouse, and how you can best help.

Supporting Military Families During Deployment

It doesn’t matter what branch of the military, every family who has gone through a deployment of a spouse, son, daughter, or loved one, deals with a unique kind of stress and anxiety. Being away from home and your family can have a tremendous impact on mental health. Families with a loved one who has…

Family Attitude of Gratitude

With the holidays approaching, and Thanksgiving as soon as next week, the time of intentionally giving thanks is upon us. Being thankful, appreciating what you have, and expressing gratitude shouldn’t be reserved for the holiday season. It should be expressed everyday for a number of reasons. Keeping a gratitude journal alleviates symptoms of anxiety and…

Thanksgiving During a Pandemic

The holidays can be wonderful and also exhausting. They are a time for families to come together from near and far to celebrate their bond. But let’s be honest, sometimes holidays are stressful because we might not get along with everyone in our families. Family doesn’t necessarily mean biological relation. It’s the people we feel…

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